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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb 21, 2009-Phuket Blues Festival

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Blues Festival

A night out with good music, good friends and a bottle of whisky: That’s what last weekend was all about when Randy and Laura from Pollen Path joined us at the Phuket Blues Festival. We had a great time.

Tracking down some little joint where live music is being played in a faraway exotic place has been a fun part of cruising for us and we’ve found some neat ones: a outdoor rock concert in Papeete where local kids rocked out all night. A converted warehouse in Noumea where an American blues rock band played to a packed house and the encores went on for hours. Judy dragged me home from that one at 2:00AM. And of course in Bangkok we’re often found crowding up to the stage late at night at Tokyo Joes’ to hear the Soi Dog Blues Band.

But the Phuket Blues Festival is not an out of the way exotic place to us anymore; by now Phuket is as familiar as an old shoe and we came to this event last year. Still, we like to be on the field on the grounds of the Phuket Arcadia Hilton on a warm tropical night and hear the live bands from around Asia and the world play everything from BB King to Chicago Boogie Woogie. This year, like last year, the night got off to a bit of a slow start: the first band was OK but the crowd was small and subdued. Sitting around the table waiting for some excitement got old for me in a hurry. I went to the bar under the tent in the back and negotiated a price for the whole bottle of whiskey sitting there.

Once I screwed off the cap and I plonked that bottle of whiskey onto our table things started looking up. Oh Johnny. The ice soon ran out but that didn’t stop Judy and I. Before long half the bottle was gone, a hotter band was playing and we were up front dancing on the grass. We never stopped.

After harassing the band leader for “faster, harder, louder” music he gave us just that and we ate it up. After exhausting all the batteries and memory cards on the Nikon I just waved it around while I danced.

And when the music stopped we were tired and happy and drenched in sweat.

We don’t know where we’ll be next year but if there is music, we’ll find it.

Click here for all our Photos from the Phuket Blues Festival

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Phuket

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Anonymous RichC said...

You guys have a rough life over there; sorry to hear the economic slowdown has you singing the blues!

27 February, 2009 08:53  

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