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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009-Boat Work

wingssail image-fredrick roswold
Wings Without Paint

Work is progressing nicely on Wings these days and Judy & I are enjoying our lives in Phuket. We have lazy mornings at the apartment at Boat Lagoon and usually this includes a few laps at the 50 meter swimming pool then after breakfast we go over to the Royal Phuket Marina Boat Yard to see what Khun Oot and his boys have gotten done since yesterday. Right now they have taken all the paint off and are doing a great job filling the cracks and dents in Wings' sides prior to putting on new paint.

Today we also drove down to the engineering shop where the rudder and windvane are being repaired. We found that work to be going well there too.

Haven't heard from the hydraulics guy or the engine man but we suspect that they are doing what they said they would do and will be bringing the parts back this week for re-installation on Wings.

As for us we do a little each day ourselves. Today we fixed the deck around the rudder tube where some of the balsa core had gotten soft by inserting new hardwood core and re-glassing the deck over it and we made a short stainless steel splash board for the wall behind the galley sink. Both of these projects benefited from the supplies and materials we had in the lazerette which we have been digging through lately. It's nice to have some useful stuff but we should not have been carting around all this junk for years just to avoid a trip to the hardware store once in a decade.

Progress is so good right now that we think the work here will be done and we will be going to Malaysia in early November. Of course there are still several potential snags so we will see.

Stay tuned for the next Boat Yard report.

Click here for a couple more photos.

Fred & Judy, SV Wings, Phuket

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Blogger jan roswold brown said...

hey....sounds like things are rolling well. Hope it continues. Where in Malaysia are you heading? Do you have to cross a 'big sea'? Nice to read your blogs. Are you still thinking of a trip to US this fall? Let us know.

16 September, 2009 22:57  

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